CRISPR Cas in druge oblike modernega žlahtnjenja so GSO

The European Court of Justice has issued its much expected ruling regarding the interpretation of Directive 2001/18 concerning New Plant Breeding Technologies. In essence, it has made most New Plant Breeding Technologies that use new mutagenesis techniques subject to conventional GMO regulation.


This decision means that gene-editing techniques such as ODM and site-directed-nuclease-1 (SDN-1)-based techniques (e.g., ZFN, TALENS and also CRISPR–Cas endonucleases) require the same treatment as other GMOs in the EU. The judgment hence did not follow the Opinion of the Advocate General, who had proposed to classy also new mutagenesis techniques as exempted from the Directive, but left it to Member States to adequately regulate these techniques.

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LP, Blaž